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The Toledo Dance
Toledo Maya Cultural
The Toledo Maya Cultural Council -The Cortez Dance

   Deep in the mountains and jungles of Belize, Guatemala, Northern Honduras, and Southern Mexico live the contemporary Maya people. Although many traditions have changed since the days of the great temples that remain to awe travelers and archeologists, the Maya culture is still rich with color, belief, and special knowledge of the human condition. Dance, in particular, remains as a very important part of Maya life, much as it was when the great kings ruled their city-states. These kings were guided by priests and ritual events in their decision making. The dances practiced today awaken the ancient spirits so that the same spirits continue to live and play an important part in the Maya Mysticism that guides daily life. There is the Deer Dance with the lively music of the Marimba, there is the Devil Dance, the Chol Kwink Dance, the Moro Dance, the Katarin Dance, and there is the Cortez Dance . . .

Bélep Son
Qui Ché
Camol Be
Cabil Piskoc
Cabil Camol Be
Caxlan Kwink
Cubi Ha
Camol Be
Cabil Comeciona
Cabil Chiquink
Kelombil Son
Cabil Cubi Ha
Cort re Cubi Ha
Char Charib
Be Lep Son

NOTE: This recording was supported by the National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration Grant #6818-00. We are currently looking for resources to publish this disc, if you would like to help please contact us.

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