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   longRoad Records is a small record company dedicated to building cultural bridges in a world that is quickly shrinking. The preservation and celebration of cultures is of paramount importance in a world of increasing homogeneity. Publishing the folk music of people who might otherwise go unheard provides such bridges. The musicians gain access to an avenue of expression and storytelling as well as insights into the world of production. For the listeners, we are afforded insight into a strand of the facinating human story of which we are all a part.

   In some cases, the proceeds from the sales of the recordings previewed here go to non-profit organizations dedicated to building sustainable futures and promoting cultural preservation. Please see the information specific to each recording regarding these efforts. We greatly appreciate your interest and thank you in advance for any purchase you may make.

   Please be aware that this company is run as a hobby. Sometimes our service might be a little slow - please understand.

Tim Norris

2005 longRoad Records