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Ordering from LongRoad Records

By far the easiest for you (the consumer) is to order from . . . you can pay online and will receive your cd within a few days. If you would that a larger percentage of the price goes to our efforts, including the efforts to donate to non-profit organizations, please take the time to follow the directions below and order directly from us.

Mail Order - In the future all of our CDs are available by mail order directly from us at the costs shown on the index page. As of now only Jok Jau Evong - Music From The Forest and Andrew Johnson - Isla Ho are available.

How to order
  • Fill in the printable order form and send it to:

    LongRoad Records
    25112 Central Way
    Davis, CA 95616
  • For Jok Jau Evong only you can send the order to:

    The Borneo Project of Earth Island Institute
    1916 A Martin Luther King Jr. Way
    Berkeley, CA 94702 USA
    Telephone: (510)705-8987 FAX: (510)705-8988

    Note: the price is $15.00 through this offer of which $3.00 goes directly to UBRA

Shipping & Handling costs
USA Overseas A Overseas B
1st Item $3.00 $3.50 $5.00
Additional Items $0.75 $1.50 $3.00
Over 10 items Free Free Free

Overseas A: All countries outside the USA except Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Far East and South East Asia.

Overseas B: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Far East and South East Asia.

How to pay

  • CHECK / MONEY ORDER. Please make payable to LongRoad Records. All payments must be in US Dollars. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.

  • You can also order from: In Association with

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