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Isla Ho
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - Isla Ho

   Andrew Johnson is a traveller, woodsman, and musician. He has learned tunes from many people on several continents and his Music has a strong base in the Appalachian and Celtic traditions. This recording was made in south east Alaska and is a fine example of solo fiddle and mandolin.

Behind The Haystack
Paddy Fahey’s
Miss Johnson’s/Star of Kilkenny
Dick Gossip’s
Lilting Banshee
Cottage in the Grove/Eel in the Sink
Stuart Johnson’s Waltz *
Take the Day Off*
Bank Of Ireland
Julia Delaney’s/Wheels of the World/Paddy Fahey’s
Le Dons Deux Jeune Filles
Swedish Tune (title unknown)
First Flight of Geese **
The Rolling Wave/The Burnt Old Man
Drops of Brandy/Last Night’s Fun
Kid on the Mountain
The Moving Cloud
How Many Miles to Boston***
Bally Desmond Polka #3
(title unknown)
Tar Road to Sligo
The Earls Chair
Out on the Ocean (Port Row)
Ships Are Sailing
Silver Spear
Connaughtman’s Rambles/Banks of Loch Gowna/Gander at the Pratie Hole
The Rights Of Mann

All tunes are traditional (author unknown) except as noted * Jake Schumacher ** Dan Leonard *** Randy Miller

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