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Music From the Forest
Jok Jau Evong
Jok Jau Evong - Music From the Forest

   The Music of Jok Jau Evong reflects traditional Kayan music from the rainforests of Borneo. As requested by Jok Jau, all of the proceeds from this disc will go to UBRA (Uma Bawang Residents Association). UBRA is dedicated to cultural preservation and the development of sustainable futures for the Kayan people living in Uma Bawang Keluan and the surrounding rainforests of Borneo.

   Please see The Borneo Project for more information about Jok's (and others') work in Borneo.

Traditional Dance for Women - Women dance with ceremonial Hornbill feathers during celebrations for special guests and after the rice harvest.

Sape Bakong (Warriors Dance) - The men would perform the Warriors Dance as a ritual after fighting battles. Only those who had killed in battle could wear the Hornbill feathers.

Sape Bakong

Hivan Kerep (Feathers Dance)

Bakong Ule’ (Returning) -
Music for the long dance where many dance in a row. It is done by the members of a community to welcome special visitors and warriors back from war.

Sape Bakong

Sape Nga’ei (Recalling the Memory of The Old Time) -
Also known as Sape Tun Patea or Dreaming with The Ancestors. It is an inspired forest song. This version of a traditional tune came to Jok in a dream.

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